About Vedavalli Vidyalaya

The TCT set up the ‘The Akshaya Vidya Trust’ (AVT) in 1994 towards having a separate vehicle to get into the education space. While AVT acts independently, there are nominees to the Board of AVT from TCT. We started Vedavalli Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School, a CBSE School in 1994 in Walajapet as a service to the children. At that time, there were no other schools with the CBSE in the locality. Catering to a local need for State Board curriculum for XI & XII to enable easier entry into professional colleges in the state, the Vedavalli Higher Secondary School was started in 1999 in the adjoining campus in Walajapet. Another CBSE school was started with the same name in Ranipet in 2003 as a dedication to the Ranipet community. The CBSE schools offer classes from K-12.

The three Vedavalli Vidyalaya Schools, located on two different campuses in Walajapet-Ranipet offer holistic education for the children of this locality. Our campus at Walajapet has a strength of 1370 students and 80 teaching staff. The CBSE school at Ranipet runs with a strength of 760 students and 40 teaching staff.The schools have a good infrastructure and offer a conducive atmosphere for learning. Having been in education for nearly three decades, the schools are known in the locality for child-friendliness and excellent teaching methodologies.


Promoted and nurtured by a progressive group of
individuals from different backgrounds, the schools foster a
thorough understanding of fundamentals in all subjects. Aided by
traditional and modern platforms, they develop self learning skills
through reading, enriching activities and projects.

We also offer adequate exposure to ideas, people and places, promote self
confidence, good communication and leadership skills.

A variety of carefully planned programmes is delivered by the
teachers in academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular spheres to
bring out the best in every child.

With the firm belief that teacher training is the key to delivering the
objectives of the school, the teachers are equipped in periodic
reorientation and training to learn, unlearn and relearn to get
exposure to new trends in teaching, methodologies and to suit the
emerging context.

Fresh candidates are identified and put through rigorous training to
enable them to take up full fledged teaching assignments. Teacher
training is another hallmark of Vedavalli Vidyalaya.

Children have performed well in the Boards, sports, arts and crafts and showcased their talents in different forums and won laurels. They are encouraged to identify and pursue their strengths. Alongside academics extraordinary talent is spotted and is nurtured, with many of them exceling at the national level.

The students get into the courses of their choice for higher education and make their mark in their careers with their communication skills and leadership display. 

The alumni are in a wide ranging array of professions and services: from civil services, sports, medicine, engineering, scientific research, IT, management, law, teaching and what have you.

Vedavalli Approach

At Vedavalli Vidyalaya we pride ourselves in the variety of ways in which academics are taken to children. Though each level of students is exposed to a different method, there are some common set of programmes that the students are exposed to, such as

  • Math Lab
  • Reading-Class Library and non-detail
  • Exposure Trips-Day Trips and industry visit related to academics
  • Buddy programme-peer learning programme
  • Exchange programmes-school visits to learn understand what they do in other schools
  • Vertical and integrated learning
  • Learning happens with a different intensity among the senior students. Exposure to real world situations and facing them becomes the focus for them.
  • Seminars and Projects
  • Educational tours beyond 30 kms
  • Summer camps
  • Career counselling
  • Captaincy and Leadership training
  • Interaction with guests and visitors to the school
  • Event management
  • Summer internships in various organisations
  • Community outreach programme


The dreams for our students have driven us to carve out the various programmes that provide them opportunities to grow into confident individuals.

* Applying knowledge and skills to resolve problems.

* Development of language skills in LSRW, vocabulary and

* Building confident individuals

* Building character, including values and ethics

.* Encouraging a spirit of enquiry in the young minds

* Leadership training to make them effective in their education and work places.

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Founder : Mr. S. Santhanam
Mr. S. Santhanam has been in the business of trading and manufacturing chemicals all through his career. He is a former Managing Director of Ultramarine and Pigments Ltd. and Director of Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd. He has been actively involved in various social development projects. He is a committed member of the International Humanist Movement and believes in voluntary action to bring about social change. Being an ardent supporter of neighbourhood promotion, he was responsible for mobilizing the community at Wadala, Mumbai for greening the neighbourhood. He is the President of the Managing Committee of South Indian Welfare Society that manages a High School, N. R. Swamy College of Commerce and Thirumalai College of Science. He is a diploma holder in printing Technology. He is a Founder – Trustee of Thirumalai Charity Trust.