At the Helm

 Dr. Bhooma Parthasarathy  


Dr. Bhooma Parthasarathy has a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Social Work.

She is the Director of the Thirumalai Charity Trust. She has been primarily responsible for setting up and managing the rural programmes of the Trust since 1983. She along with her friends and family set up the Thirumalai Mission Hospital as a community hospital to offer accessible, affordable, quality healthcare to all sections of the community.

A founder-trustee of the Akshaya Vidya Trust, she was instrumental in setting up the three Vedavalli Vidyalaya Schools since 1994. She continues to give a helping hand in the management. These schools have over 2000 children. The schools are known in the locality for child-friendliness and different teaching methodologies. 

She has been associated with several voluntary groups and associations. She is a recipient of several awards for her service to poor communities and rural women.

Mr. Anand Rangachary

Mr. Anand Rangachary, formerly Principal Partner & Managing Director of Frost and Sullivan for Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, has taken charge as CEO of Thirumalai Charity Trust from August 2020.

With his experience of over 20 years in diverse areas that would be valuable to TCT, he has taken up this position to pursue his interest to serve the society.

He has been adding value in expanding the hospital and its programmes, and community services and improving the delivery in different ways.

He took up this role during the 50th year of the Trust which also proved to be the year for redefining our focus on community health – with the COVID-19 pandemic turning the world upside down.  In addition to the flagship programmes focused on combating non-communicable diseases (NCDs), he initiated a wide range of initiatives to minimize the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the communities that we serve. He also set up a carefully drawn up inpatient care programme of COVID-19 affected patients in the hospital as we also supported families in home isolation care in a comprehensive health package. The telemedicine facility launched during the period, which proved to be a major blessing to the community patients with chronic ailments in our care programmes, is also to his credit. In carrying out these, he enjoyed the backing of the entire medical team headed by our Medical Director Dr. M. S. Seshadri M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.P.

He draws support from Dr. Bhooma Parthasarathy, TCT’s Trustee regulary for all his activities.

He is working relentlessly to foster technology-enabled solutions for healthcare, initiating and managing many projects for expansion, and strengthening the existing services simultaneously. He looks forward to committed medical professionals and others like him from different fields joining this mission to provide holistic healthcare with compassion.

Founder : Mr. S. Santhanam
Mr. S. Santhanam has been in the business of trading and manufacturing chemicals all through his career. He is a former Managing Director of Ultramarine and Pigments Ltd. and Director of Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd. He has been actively involved in various social development projects. He is a committed member of the International Humanist Movement and believes in voluntary action to bring about social change. Being an ardent supporter of neighbourhood promotion, he was responsible for mobilizing the community at Wadala, Mumbai for greening the neighbourhood. He is the President of the Managing Committee of South Indian Welfare Society that manages a High School, N. R. Swamy College of Commerce and Thirumalai College of Science. He is a diploma holder in printing Technology. He is a Founder – Trustee of Thirumalai Charity Trust.